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Over many years of living and experiencing isolated circumstances, as a wife, a mother, a teacher’s aide and a business women, a vision to create programs that allows children to embrace practical positive habits and thoughts while feeling supported in a safe secure environment and be connected as a group, had me searching for a solution. I believe that the earlier a child has positive influences the better the chance of making a positive change which will allow them the opportunity to be able to embrace, unite and be independent and grow into positive human beings. 


The cycle of isolation impacts the quality and opportunities available for children within isolated communities.  Most of these societies are embroiled by low economic, socially challenged, isolated and disadvantaged circumstances, where children struggle to socially connect and feel worthy. 


These children are heavily impacted by their isolation and disadvantaged circumstances on a daily basis and these societies and communities in Australia or indeed anywhere in the world has children wanting to feel connected and obtain a sense of belonging and worthiness, which is an essential key part of any child’s birth right.

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Our need to find a solution was strong and our aim to conceive what we believe to be a fun social way to connect and utilize life skills and awareness through basic learning experiences, while creating awareness to personal, social, isolation and environmental issues, being faced by isolated societies and communities and this  needs to be now! 


With experiencing isolated situations first-hand, our vision to deliver basic additional education and lifelong skills through a Platform that connects via visual personal interaction which delivers positive experiences and creates social long term connections.


The need to “Bridge and Connect Isolation” or find a system that ticked all the boxes for these children, groups, societies and communities, continues to ignite this passion within me and is continuing to evolve daily. 


Our programs require support and acceptance, as without support and open minds to embrace new ideas and opportunities and the willingness to embrace change and make a difference, isolation circumstances will continue.  


Our programs are for children between the ages of five and fifteen years of age and its uniqueness fills a niche and targets the isolation stigma of today’s continually changing society and supports children impacted by isolation  who feel trapped by their isolated circumstances.


Our promise is mindful of location and geographical isolation, be it either inland Australia, small communities, isolated rural towns, stations, farms or city based disadvantaged or isolated areas. 

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Our vision is to create awareness and opportunities for personal development and we will reach-out and connect the bridge of isolation. We will promote and deliver, while creating awareness that isolation and disadvantaged situations and isolated feelings and circumstances are not what you are or what you have to be defined by and you do have options, opportunities and choices.


We embrace the challenges as our vision becomes reality and as Future Happiness Association Incorporated establishes and delivers to combat, connect and bridge personal, social and geological isolation. We will ensure that we setup, fund, promote, train and commit to what is required and necessary to successfully deliver the Objectives. of the Association and obtain positive outcomes for the children and communities that we support.  


We will establish and practice what we believe will help create positive awareness, acceptance, direction and  deliver a secure space for isolated children,  which will promote respect for themselves, one another, one’s cultural and moral lifestyles, their beliefs and there perceived place in society and will allow children to see solutions, options and other opportunities within the world.  


Children have to be active in requesting this service into their lives and Future Happiness Association Incorporated will ensure that schools and other community centres are informed and relevant information supplied for children who request our support.  We will actively market, promote and deliver and one day in the words of Selina Hull. “Future Happiness Association Incorporated will be a house hold name”. And so it will be!

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